From the organization’s team, we would like to thank Klinik PM (@klinikpm | @centrosklinikpm ) for their collaboration in the World SUP Festival Costa Blanca 2023 by providing their specialized physiotherapists to all the competitors. 🌊

Thank you for making this high-quality event possible! 🙌🏻 Our OFFICIAL SPORTS CLINIC has become a national and international benchmark in traumatology and pain management. ✨

Klinik PM is the clinic chosen by the organizing club of the event @parreswatersports for the preparation of their athletes.

The company emphasizes the importance of regenerative medicine ❤️‍🩹 in preparing for such events, with the prevention of future injuries being one of the main objectives of this type of medicine.

The clinic focuses on multimodal sports treatments, which include everything from traumatology and physiotherapy to nutrition, stress tests, gait analysis, and all the healthcare specialties that an athlete needs before and after a competition in order to give their best performance.

We look forward to having you at the next World SUP Festival Costa Blanca! 🏄