Santa Pola offers its visitors shopping centers, specialized stores, small shops and supermarkets with everything they may need to make their stay with us very pleasant.

If you want to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, pickles, salted fish, sweets and other delicacies, at the Central Market and the Flea Market (Saturdays) and Gran Alacant (Thursday) you will find everything you want to your palate.

If you are looking for clothing and accessories, footwear, carpets, bedding, household products, plants or any other product, we can buy them both in traditional stores and in the markets of Viguetas (Monday) and Gran Alacant.

In summer, the seafront is full of color, offering handicrafts, costume jewelery, leather and other decorative elements.


Alicante is an important trading center. For centuries there have been many civilizations that have used their streets as a source of product exchange, a tradition that is preserved to this day with countless shops where visitors can find everything from the most modern and prestigious brands to the typical products of the earth.

Luxurious boutiques, numerous shopping centers or small and medium traditional shops offer their customers products ranging from nougat, chocolates, dates, liquors, wines, preserves, toys, footwear, leather, carpets, handicrafts, ceramics and also top global brands of textile, jewelry, sports products and everything the visitor may need.

In Alicante there are very interesting shopping areas in the center of the city: on the one hand we find the pedestrian streets and surroundings of the Main Theater; on the other hand the area of ​​the Central Market and the Avenue of Alfonso the Wise, and of course we should not forget the Avenida de Maisonave and its area of ​​influence, commercial artery par excellence of Alicante.

The famous Esplanade of Spain offers a wide assortment of craft stalls, costume jewelery and souvenirs, and you can also appreciate the work of painters and caricaturists in the area known as the "hippies".