Santa Pola is known for its traditional and varied cuisine, based on seafood: seafood and fish.

The seafood is an exquisite delicacy in any of its variants, mainly the shrimp, the crayfish and the red shrimp of the bay. Among the appetizers do not forget the salted fish: mojama, roe, bonito and cod.

Rice is one of the great chapters of the cuisine of this land: arroz a banda, arroz negro, paella de marisco and 'arròs i gatet'.

As typical dishes, in addition, stand out the grouper gazpacho, monkfish blanquillo and the unique cauldron. Among the fish, the most requested are the gilthead bream, the sea bass and the lechola.

The ice creams, shortcakes, pastries, puff pastries, coca boba and rolls, form a wide range of possibilities in the confectionery of Santa Pola. The quality of all these products and the right hand of the chefs make the cuisine of Santa Pola a must for visitors.

The star dish of the gastronomy in Tabarca is the Tabarquino cauldron, the native stew of the island. There are expert hands who have spent all their lives cooking it and today it has passed the baton to new generations. Among its main ingredients is the fish: hen and the trash with which the broth is made. That also takes ñora, garlic, tomato, pepper, salt. The cauldron is served in two parts, first the fish: the chicken with potatoes watered with some 'all i oli' (garlic and oil, which looks like a mayonnaise); and after eating the fish the rice is served.

But there are many more recipes you can try in Tabarca: fideuá, all kinds of rice, especially those of seafood, squid, octopus, lecholas caught trolling, fried fish ... On the island of Tabarca you will find affordable menus and you can also Choose a quick snack to not miss a minute of sun and sea.