Tabarca is the only inhabited island of the Valencian Community and is opposite the city of Alicante, eleven nautical miles and near the Cape of Santa Pola. Actually more than an island, it is a small archipelago, composed, apart from Tabarca, by the islets La Cantera, La Galera and Nao. It has an approximate length of 1,800 meters and a maximum width of about 400 meters.

Its coasts sheltered in the past a refuge of Berber pirates. In the eighteenth century, Charles III ordered to fortify it and build in it a village in which to accommodate several families of fishermen from Genoa who were held captive in the Tunisian city of Tabarka. The walls that surround its urban nucleus have been declared Historical Artistic Set and Well of Cultural Interest.

Once on the island, visitors can enjoy coves and beaches with transparent waters and a picturesque seaport, with an excellent offer of restoration, with the possibility of tasting the traditional cauldron, the typical dish of the island. It is recommended to walk through the urban nucleus and visit the island's museum. The visitor can stay on the island itself due to the opening of accommodation establishments in recent years.