The festivities of a village reflect the spirit of its people, the popular tradition and the history of the area. The history of Santa Pola is deeply linked to the sea, so its parties revolve around it. Between its celebrations it is possible to emphasize the Celebrations of Moors and Christians that are celebrated of the 31 of August to the 8 of September in honor to the Virgin of Loreto in which the disembarkation takes place, embassies, conquest and reconquest of Moors and Christians, parades, fires artificial and floral offering to the Employer among others.

On the Sunday closest to June 24, the "Romeria del Cap" takes place in honor of the Virgen del Rosario.

On the 16th the festival is celebrated in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, through masses, offering to the deceased sailors, procession and fireworks.


Fire, gunpowder, music, color, exhibition and show are elements of the festivities of our territory, organized for centuries to be lived on the street, in coexistence of neighbors and visitors because hospitality and invitation to participate in events festivities becomes a social event in all towns and cities.

Alicante lives its biggest parties with the Bonfires of San Juan that celebrate their biggest acts between June 19 and 24. In all corners of the city, colorful and artistic monuments made of different materials on a wooden structure are "planted" that refer poetically, ironicly and burlesque to the present or to elements clearly from Alicante and the Mediterranean.